Tourette's Awareness Sticker

Tourette's Awareness Sticker

Growing up i never learned or even asked why the kid in my math class shouted out weird words for no reason. I was never though that the kid flinching in the corner may have something going on that he couldnt do anything to fix. All the way up until a few weeks i go i never asked why he twitched. Then i met someone with tourette's syndrom and his courage and ability to open up changed how i saw things. This is something that he fights everyday of his life with no end in site. I think that because people most likely wont die from having tourettes,we dont hear about it nearly as much as we should.

The entire month of May, Stick it to em vinyl is teaming up with the Tourette's Assouciation of America to help spread awareness with the "ask me why i Twitch" campaign. All profit will be donated to help spread awareness!



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